If you need any help during the event you may go to the information. Our colleagues will help you in anything.


From now on you can buy your tickets for the 53d Equestrian Days online too HERE.

If you buy it online you get some discount. But do not worry! If you can’t buy it online or if you don’t know how to do it, you can buy your ticket at the spot too. […]

Budapest Bár

Budapest Bar is an intoxicating cocktail of Gypsy virtuosity infused with rock’n’roll energy. The wildly popular five-piece Gypsy band teams up with a rotating roster of singers from the rock, underground and jazz scene, swinging between the sultry and rollicking. They invoke the spirit of big-city Europe’s golden age of cabaret, the 1920s-1950s. Concert: 08. Read more about Budapest Bár[…]

National Gallop

The National Gallop is the grandest of festivals on the grandest of scales. Organized for the 10th time since its inception in 2008, we can still call the National Gallop a rather new Hungarian tradition – or should we say, a monumental reinvention of history and tradition. This year one of the National Gallop’s first Read more about National Gallop[…]