52. Hortobágyi Lovasnapok 2018 július 6-8.

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Children's Equestrian Village


At the 51st Equestrian Days the Great Plain resounds to more than just the hooves of the galloping horses!
A show extraordinaire, the like of which the Hortobágy has never seen before!

Over recent decades, the Hortobágy Equestrian Days have grown into the region's influential event known beyond the country's borders. The event's main aim is the presentation and popularisation of the past and present of the pastoral culture characteristic of the area, the horse breeding activity of the Máta Stud and fine Hungarian gastronomy. The Hortobágy Equestrian Days show life with horses in a nutshell, embracing professional and amateur horsemen, and horse-loving adults and children alike.

In addition to the high-standard horse shows and competitions lasting several days, events providing worthwhile entertainment, folk art demonstrations, displays showcasing the typical elements of the Hortobágy pastoral culture, the invaluable 101-year-old Landauer carriage and the Nonius horse bred over 200 years, as well as a broad range of popular music concerts ensured that all visitors could find their favourite pastime.

  • High-standard horse shows and competitions.

  • Music, music, music…

  • Fine Hungarian gastronomy.

  • Joy, fun and laughter!


Csík zenekar

A közönségük által szeretett igényes, sokszínű zenei világukat viszik tovább az új dalaikban, miközben megidézik azokat a régi szép összeállításokat is, amelyek nemcsak a szívünkben, a közönségük lelkében, hanem az utóbbi évtizedek magyar zenei palettáján is nyomot hagytak végérvényesen.

Parno Graszt

The band was founded in 1987 in a small village in eastern Hungary called Paszab. The band’s name is a Romani phrase which means “White Horse” (which is a symbol of purity and freedom). Their songs are in both English and Romani and sometimes they sing in both languages at the same time.
The members of Parno Graszt are all from Paszab and they are all relatives of each other. The band’s lineup consists of roughly 10 members, but they can have up to 20 musicians playing as well as having a 10-person dance group accompany them sometimes. The band’s musical roots were collected in the immediate environment of the region they live in, Paszab and its surroundings. The band still lives in Paszab because they want to stay away from the noise and fleeting fashions of the big city. An ancient and lively character full of honesty, energy and directness are the hallmark of the band. Their album entitled “Rávágok a Zongorára,” released in 2002, finished 7th place in the European World Music Rankings; no other Hungarian band has ever reached this rank before. They have released a total of 4 albums so far. Their music has traveled the world (Europe, USA, Asia, India) and the BBC produced a film made about the band.

Parno Graszt

A zenekar tagjai József Oláh (vocals, guitar, tambura) Viktor Oláh (vocals, guitar, dance) Sándor Horváth (vocals, spoons, dance) János Jakocska (vocals, guitar) Mária Váradi (vocals, dance) Mária Balogh (vocals, dance) Krisztián Oláh (vocals, accordion) János Oláh (double bass) István Németh (oral bass, churn)

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